Hotel Las Palmas on Isla Mujeres
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Bring it for Isla

We are all so fortunate to be welcomed into this beautiful island community of Isla Mujeres, and be treated like family. We do our best to support community events and be an involved family and business on the island. To that end, we've decided to do our part, by beginning a small program with our guests called 'Bring it for Isla'.

Many of our guests this past year have asked us if there's anything they could bring for us, or for the community. If you and/or your family have any interest, (and spare room in your suitcase) to bring items from home, it would be greatly appreciated here on the island.

Many of the families and residents on our island work very hard to make ends meet. We know ourselves, (from renovating and refurnishing our hotel) that here in Mexico, there's no discount stores, garage sales or Ikea - with quality household items at reasonable prices. (This is why we have asked guests to bring us bedside lamps this past year, for the hotel)

Families need things like school supplies, when they go on sale, or discounted household items. You don't have to pack a separate suitcase, or even go out and spend money. If you have used, in good condition clothing, consider bringing some in your suitcase. We like the term 'gently used'. People here love running shoes, and often have only one pair of cheap sandals. So, any of those shoes you bought, but didn't fit right, would be a real gift. Things like the beer T-shirts that you get in a case of beer for free, are huge novelties here.

So think about it for your next trip to the island. We know from our house back home, that we live in a society of excess. We don't have a few outfits, we have dozens - most that we don't wear. We own multiple shoes for every season. Our kids have enough toys to bathe in.

Feel absolutely no obligation, but have a look around your place and see if there are some things that you could do without, and feel good about contributing to a community that has a little less.

Please contact us directly at for further details and/or any questions.

...and if you still have room after that, we at the hotel would always appreciate any magazines, books or coffee, that you might be able to squeeze into a suitcase for the courtyard fun. (or chocolate for fellow chocoholics :) Gracias