Hotel Las Palmas on Isla Mujeres
~Your Tropical Island Home Away From Home~

Frequently Asked Questions

Las Palmas doesn't accept credit cards, how do I pay?
You'll find that almost no where on the island will accept credit cards or anything besides cash. Most of our guest have an amount in cash set aside for their accommodations, and other larger vacation costs. A cheap money belt can do the trick to keep your cash safe. For the rest of your spending around the island, pesos are your best bet. It's very easy and convenient to withdraw at any of the ATMs around the downtown. Be sure to take out a larger amount as there is a transaction fee.

How do I get to Las Palmas from the Cancun Airport?
Please see our Getting to Isla page for a number of suggestions.

Can we walk to Las Palmas from the ferry?
Absolutely, to get to us walking from the Ultramar Ferry: walk across the raised crosswalk (that goes between the Senor Frogs store and the 7/11) and continue down that street. It will open into the Zocalo (town square) On your left there will be 'the Express' this is the main grocery store. Turn left down that street after the groc store (the hospital will be on your right). We are about three blocks down, on this street (Guerrero) on the left hand side. You should be able to see our sign from about a block back and we're a yellow building. If you do happen to take a wrong turn along the way, ask anyone where the 'Mercado Municipal' is and we're right across from there. *If you have a lot of luggage, consider a Maletero or a cab. (A Maletero is a friendly local with a tricylce to carry your bags. He'll lead the way with your luggage for a tip.)

What about a safe for my passport, etc?
We do not have individual room safes, but we do have a safe in our reception/office. Items are stored there, in a bag with your room # and name. Just ask at reception, if you need access to your items.

What about a bank on the island?
There is one bank on the island, but they provide very limited services. They won't exchange travelers' checks or USD cash. They do have two ATMs for using a debit card. HSBC is located right across the street, when you first arrive on the ferry. Exchange booths around the island will change your travelers' checks and US cash for pesos.

How can I get in contact with home? Phone/Internet?
If you bring a laptop or device, we have free wireless internet at Las Palmas. Our Wi-Fi works in most areas of our hotel, but due to our concrete structure, does have some dry spots. The strength is certainly the best in our courtyard. Alternately, for internet access, the are many internet cafes on the island and one just down the block from us. For less than 20 pesos you can get an hour of time. For phoning internationally, you can get great calling cards from the grocery store to dial out from a regular pay phone. There are a number of pay phones right across from us. As well, a block down from us is Digame (talk to me) where you can make phone calls in a private stall for a reasonable price.

Where can I get laundry done on the island?
There are a number of Lavanderias (laundry mats) around the island and they offer great service. It's by the kilo and very reasonable priced. They'll separate by colors if you like, and it all comes back folded neatly in a bag. They're very honest and reliable and count every item with you to make sure you get the same number back. There's a great lavanderia just down the block from us, Yahir.

How do I get around Isla Mujeres?
The north end of the island houses the downtown (centro) and is where North Beach (Playa Norte) is located. Everything is walking distance here: restaurants, pharmacy, groceries, music, drinks, beach, Las Palmas. There are great things to do around the rest of the island and renting a golf cart or moped are popular choices. Otherwise you can take a cab, rent bicycles or walk, depending on your preference.

What about speaking Spanish?
Isla Mujeres has a very friendly and warm culture. It's very welcomed and polite to say 'Hola' or 'Buenos Dias' as you pass people walking. Most of the establishments will have at least one person with some English. Many of the locals may want to practice their English with you! And there is some fun to trying out your Spanish, as everyone is quite forgiving. Things like menus and brochures will usually have an English side.

Will I find food I like?
Isla Mujeres is rich with flavors from all over the world. Less than a block from Las Palmas is Hidalgo Ave. This is a walking only street and you can browse menus from the hub of restaurants in the dowtown. Anything from seafood, to steak, pasta, Mediterranean, traditional Mexican, pub type of appies.

What if I have to see a doctor?!
Mexico has a great medical system! You can choose to go to a private doctor and it's usually around 500 pesos for a visit. You can also go to the regular clinic at the hospital. Sometimes there's a wait, but for a doctor's consultation it's just 60 pesos. All of the doctors are highly trained and the facilities are up to date.